1. 2014 – some highlights

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    21/12/2014 by Carl Reynolds

    January – We both enjoyed the PHISH cold water racing championship (organised by that giant of cold water swimming, John …
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  2. Jack’s back with Ian, Kat and Mark

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    06/12/2014 by Carl Reynolds

    Jack's back

    Frost. Air temperature below the water; which is itself at a chilly 6C. Lengths are still being swum, but much …
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  3. another day at the races

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    30/11/2014 by Carl Reynolds

    stretching for the finish

    Every Sunday we have a race at Tooting for the members. In the summer there’s a cup every week, in …
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  4. Coombes, Temples and Witches


    03/11/2014 by Carl Reynolds

    risen from the land - immersed in the sea

    Or another everyday trip to South Devon. Up and off by half past five, Mrs Ape and I arrive bleary …
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  5. chasing the Quick Dipper

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    30/10/2014 by Carl Reynolds

    Spent 8 lengths at Quick Dipper pace, but then resolved to take some pictures of him, Alfonso and the lido. I …
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  6. patball

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    19/10/2014 by Carl Reynolds

    A tradition at Tooting is a wall game called, variously, pat ball or handball. It’s a close cousin of the myriad …
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  7. textures


    18/10/2014 by Carl Reynolds

    sinking helicopter

    I’ve not been since last Sunday. I could say it’s been that I’ve been busy. But it’s because I lost …
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