1. Mrs Ape does Sandycove

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    15/07/2014 by Carl Reynolds

    Mrs Ape Reports: Ape was working on space weather(!), so he said he’d pay for me to go and do …
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  2. cold water swimmers survey

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    23/06/2014 by Carl Reynolds

    Many of you participated in a survey of cold water swimmers attending the Cold Water Swimming Championships in January 2013. …
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  3. Aoelian Islands

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    22/06/2014 by Carl Reynolds

    A week in the Aoelian Islands off Sicily for a few days swimming.

  4. Diverse and united in one purpose


    13/06/2014 by Carl Reynolds

    The SLSC is a collection of people diversely obsessed by their immersion in cool and cold water. Since 1906, habitu├ęs …
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  5. Aquathlon!


    30/05/2014 by Carl Reynolds

    Ape on his last 200 metres

    Now that I have lost 22lbs of insulation and started running, I set myself a target of getting to regular …
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  6. Mrs Ape retains the Rose Merritt Bowl


    27/05/2014 by Carl Reynolds

    This time last year, Mrs Ape won the Rose Merritt Bowl, and established a new tradition – the winner has …
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  7. Book Review – Swimming London


    12/05/2014 by Carl Reynolds


    Having been a fan of Jenny Landreth’s excellent blog – Swimming Round London – I was delighted that Mrs Ape …
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