how much should I swim?

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27/04/2011 by Carl Reynolds

Got to the pool today and the sun was coming out. A bit cooler than two days ago, but a bright spring day nonetheless. Had a quick chat with Eddie and Nando about something or other (it’s surprising how vacant one can get whilst on holiday); before getting into the pool for a few lengths.

I thought I might do three kilometres, which would take me just short of an hour. But as I was going up and down I noticed Kate doing a very lovely crawl over to the side of the pool. And I thought to myself that there is no need to do an hour’s swim. Forty minutes will do, and then you can spend some time with Kate. So after twenty-two lengths (2 km) I got out and joined her in the sauna. No one around so we went German.

On returning home the thought I had had about lengths made me question why I’m swimming a lot of distance. I’m not in training for anything and even if I was, I’d need to be doing more than just an hour at a time. I like swimming. I love to glide through the water. But I have no desire to swim the Channel or become an ace veteran sprinter. So from now on no more than an hour at a time, unless I change my mind and decide to do something that requires ridiculously long training swims.

On another note, Kate did her first non-stop kilometre swimming crawl; and now has a mile as a target before the end of the school holidays.
16 degrees C


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