nattering and chattering


04/05/2011 by Carl Reynolds

Again quite empty. But after an hour and 36 lengths (a shade over 2 miles), there were plenty of people to chat to. I’d passed Jenny and Ann a couple of times in the pool and had also come across another swimmer – who turned out to be Jackie Cobell. Sitting down to my sarnies, flapjack and apple, I had a good natter first with Ann and Jenny – who told me who Jackie was – as well as her views on the idiocy of rural life.  And then with Vernon and Jackie.

Jackie, who’s famous for being the slowest person across the channel, told us about her plans to cross the Bering Straits – 3km at around 3 degrees C. Unfortunately Mr Putin is not very quick in replying to his emails, so the swim’s still on hold. And how, as a still crawling baby, she’d managed to sneak out of her parents beach hut, only to be found wallowing in the sea at Camber Sands. Subsequently she could only be calmed down by being placed in a bucket of water. I didn’t ask her if she’d overcome this remedy…maybe next time.

Meanwhile Vernon told us about his aunt who’d lost one husband in a road traffic accident and her second husband to a shark, off the coast of Malaysia. Aficionados of Mick Jackson will appreciate the deliciousness of such tales.

15 degrees C


One thought on “nattering and chattering

  1. Jenny says:

    And today, I learned about bees and found a piano tuner. Who’d have thought.

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