poking eyes out with sticks


19/05/2011 by Carl Reynolds

I went on a course today. I’d have enjoyed poking my eyes out with sticks more. I’d rather have been swimming.


2 thoughts on “poking eyes out with sticks

  1. roisin says:

    Yes, I lknow how you feel. Today I assessed the creative output of a bunch of art students . The only diffence between you and me is that I would have poked their eyes out before sending them swimming in the sea – which conveniently enough here in Cork plummetted to 10 degrees again last week. I’m not cruel, honestly -. I just reckon that, apart from doing the art loving public a huge favour, there would be no better way to get them to understand what they are actually saying when they use the words “multi sensory”, “sublime” , “immersive”, “environmentally aware “, “socially engaged”, “performative”, “outsider”, “obessive”etc…..

  2. Roisin – good to hear from you. I saw you on the Throw me in the Ocean website; and Thomas told me you’d been to Gozo too. So have you finally decided to do the Channel? Or are you going for something else? As to terminology (and terminal boredom) I had to grapple with multiple utterances of “I notice that…” and “what are the spiritual aspects of this…” and other undefined wooliness.

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