Slovenia day six – horizontal canyoning


24/08/2011 by Carl Reynolds

The thought of another uphill slog put Mrs Ape’s calves into spasm, so we decided to walk along the river and find the diving board we’d espied from the van enroute to one of our earlier swims. We found a cycle path just north of the hotel and walked a couple of km down until we came to a bend in the river; from which we could see the diving board a hundred metres or so upstream. We stripped into our swimmers and placed all the damageable stuff into a waterproof sack and waded up to the dining board and played for a while

flying ape

We then waded, shot rapids and jumped in off rocks all the way back to the hotel – a cool two hours of playing later.

Mrs Ape getting ready to shoot the rapids

go ape!



One thought on “Slovenia day six – horizontal canyoning

  1. […] Borut, son of Martin, Strel has adopted the same organisational rigour as Swimtrek. They offer tours of the Slovenian Lakes, Croatian coast and Powell Canyons in the USA. Mrs Ape and I went on the Slovenian trip last summer. The hotel was great, the local food was delicious (and in huge servings), you are surrounded by the Julian Alps (with many clearly signed footpaths) and you are well looked after. We stayed for a few extra days and went up a mountain and did some horizontal canyoning. See here for more. […]

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