8.5, 2, 70+, 0.5


25/11/2011 by Carl Reynolds

Mrs Ape and Jonathan limber up

Well early this morning. Arrived to find Jonathan limbering up, but were distracted by a crow mobbing a pigeon; which then crash landed into the lido. Some bloke rescued it, for the poor flying rat to be set upon once again by an angry crow.

Meanwhile got changed and in for a long swim. Well long for 8.5 degrees C that is. Spied Alex coming in and rapidly swimming past me. He took a great shot of me and posted it to Quick Dip. Cheers Alex. And towards the end saw Sue, Iain and Pip the Younger podding. And Batch, who stayed in for another two after he heard me shout, “yee-haar” at the turn of a mile. Then into the sauna with Mrs Ape, Batch, Sue, Alex and a couple of others who I cannot recall. Elizabeth made a brief appearance before shooting off to indulge in some Dark Habits – see here.

Then out to meet Thomas Kofler, who’s over to attend the Round Jersey dinner, and is also a solo Channel Swimmer, who’s been accepted into the Round Manhattan swim in 2012. We swam together for 600 yards (he’s not too used to the cold) before retiring to the sauna for more chit, chit, chatter. Then the obligatory cake – almond and cherry for aficionados – coffee and porridge. And more chat with Nando, Inez, Dr Andy and others. Reader – swimming is an exhausting, but wonderful social endeavour. I can highly recommend it.

2.5km, 8.5 degrees C


3 thoughts on “8.5, 2, 70+, 0.5

  1. Elizabeth Furth says:

    Hello R & Mrs Ape .. trying to become a follower of your bespoke blog … ouch … it won’t let me ….

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