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27/11/2011 by Carl Reynolds

Naively I’ve entered into online debates on swimming in the last week or so. I have learnt to be staggered at my own inability to contain my ire, to understand how profoundly my postings can be misconstrued and at how people are happy to troll away from their keyboards in far flung corners of the globe.  Some of my postings have been removed – one suggesting that a not-for-profit group should not benefit by encouraging its members to spend more for goods that they can get cheaper elsewhere  – and another because I suggested that an author should stay steadfast against the trolling he was attracting. I’ve deleted posts that on reflection were intemperate and sent private messages to people who have lambasted me or others in public postings. Mostly with a positive response. And I’ve come to a conclusion – people, including myself, find it hard to take even constructive criticism, and it’ll be better for my mental health to return to being a reader and observer. And stick to posting only on groups that are ‘friendly’.


One thought on “troll la la la la

  1. LoneSwimmer says:

    I know the feeling very well Carl,. I moderate a couple of forums and am reasonably high profile on others, and my mere existence seems to attract invective.

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