back up…slightly


29/11/2011 by Carl Reynolds

The thermometer at the deep end said it was bang on 8 degrees C today. A combination of cloud cover and the air temperature going up. Psychologically this means it’ll feel even warmer. Not in a rush, as such, today, but not able to hang around either. So two kilometres at a reasonably easy pace, whilst Kate clocked up a record 1200 yards – to put her as the third longest distance of the day (I’m not counting wetsuit swims!). Had a quick chat with Kevin as we were getting in, Alex (who took some pictures of me), Elizabeth who asked me to take her picture and then took mine and Kate’s. Met John and Liz in the sauna, Andy and Anne in the cafe; and talked to Fin, the life guard, who’s being moved indoors in February. Needless to say neither he nor I want this to happen.

Where was Nando?


7 thoughts on “back up…slightly

  1. Ian says:

    “Not counting wetsuit swims.” What! It is an establish fact that early aquatic apes soon developed a rubber coating which later evolved into neoprene. I claim my 20 lengths!

  2. Nando Cuca says:

    Nando had to do some urgent work today. Plus I was totally pooped from 4 days swimming non-stop, including twice on Monday. Shame to miss out on this balmy weather. Might be down with the kids tomorrow as they are out of school, for reasons Madam Ape knows only too well. Good luck to her. Less arms trade, more money for schools!!!

  3. It’s interesting how the Lido water is EVEN COLDER than the Dartmoor rivers…why is this? The sea in S.Devon/E.Cornwall is still a balmy 13 degrees too. I’ve still been cheating and wearing my suit since the beginning of this month though…

    • Wild woman, in answer to your first question, I haven’t a clue. I, too, would have thought that the waters on Dartmoor would have been colder. As to the sea, I understand that because of its thermal mass it takes a lot longer to cool down – its warmest months often being September and October. As to the neoprene – each to their own. My own experience is that the acclimatisation process is often uncomfortable…and I have a sauna to jump into afterwards!

  4. Thanks for taken my photo Carl – how brave of you to stick your hand in the water (with my camera!) before getting changed … and feeling the 8C on your entire body!

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