above and below


30/11/2011 by Carl Reynolds

First uptown with Kate to the gathering of the marchers. I’d woken to the news that gorgeous George has decided that I won’t get a state pension until I’m 68 and was angry. Nevermind that though, when there’s the deep meditation of cold water swimming to settle things down and put them into perspective. As I remarked to Mike J in the sauna afterwards, my wealth and privilege is expressed every time I turn on the tap and water comes out.

I was running a little late – the lido closes at 2pm – so just had time for a quick km. I was interested to see how I might swim in an emotional state (other matters than the problem of George had impinged too). It was a balm, a tonic for the soul and followed by the reinforcing quirkiness and wonderfulness of the lido crowd. Mike J, Sarah, Jawad, Jeanne Marie, Martin, Vernon and all, you were a blessing. To sit in the sun after a soothing swim and chat about life, being and healing was a welcome departure from the self obsessed nonsense I was getting myself into. Reader – for £115 a year you can get all the aqua and psychotherapy you need.

5 thoughts on “above and below

  1. Jenny says:

    The lido – the cheapest therapy in London. Wise words, and great pics, as always.

  2. Hilary says:

    Totally – I always cycle away down that curved path feeling some percent better than when I cycled up it. Even when I’m feeling fantastic to start with. And lovely pics – I’ve nicked one for my screen saver.

  3. Hey Carl wonderful photos – what a glorious (Lido) morning today – always helps and sets me up for the day ahead .. as it does you and most SLSC members, from what I deduct!

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