morning races


04/12/2011 by Carl Reynolds

members practice the Birdy Song after the race

Each and every Sunday the members of the South London Swimming Club meet at 9.30am for the races. Each person is allocated a handicap, to ensure that anyone can win. So one starts at zero and it goes all the way up to 80 seconds…I’m on 66 seconds and Kate’s is 48 seconds. Cyril (90) in the orange hat above goes first.

Today’s temperature was 7.5 degrees C and it was overcast. To ensure that we’d get a good swim in, Kate and I arrived at 8am. I swam 2,400 yards (2.2km/1.36miles), while Kate did 1000 yards (or an imperial kilometre). We were joined at various times by swimmers doing widths, zigzagging lengths and, all without exception, getting in after us and out before. Apparently it is astounding to do these times in the water (I was in for 40 odd minutes, Kate around 26 minutes)…but I keep thinking of Lynn Cox doing 3km across the Bering Straits at 3 degrees C; and Lewis Pugh doing a km in the North Pole at minus 1.7 degrees C.

Warmed up a little and then did the two width race. Came nowhere. But enjoyed a slice of Kate’s Torta di Nocciole. Recipe here.

All of today’s pics by Mrs Ape

3 thoughts on “morning races

  1. pip says:

    Can I start yet?
    Surely my handicap needs reducing?

  2. Pip – missing the start on several occasions suggests that you need to leave the hotdogs to someone else x

    • pip says:

      Kate’s cake was fantastic by the way
      If you are reading this you should try the recipe
      I note however that one key ingredient is missing
      Kate’s magic makes it just that little bit extra special

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