06/12/2011 by Carl Reynolds


The Ape is still away but he’s been doing some head banging in very warm water (see his post late yesterday.)  We have previously discussed whether I should add a section to his blog about cakes.  I have rekindled a passion for baking and have a wonderful audience to please.  So after yesterday’s chat with Elizabeth about cake, I decided that we needed a post swim treat.  I couldn’t find a recipe for what I had in mind, so adapted a Victoria sponge making it with soft light brown sugar and adding chopped pecans.  I filled it with a maple syrup buttercream – suitably calorific for post swimming I thought.

Calories were certainly needed today.  When I left home at 7am there was a nip in the air.  When I arrived at Tooting, cars, leaves and roofs were covered in frost.  My fingers immediately froze at the thought of getting in the pool.  The board said the pool had dropped a degree overnight.  I skidded over to the thermometer which confirmed it was 6C, time for a coffee and to regain the feeling in my fingers.   I didn’t really want to swim on my own today, so waited for Vince, Alex, Sue, Claire and Hilary before getting in.  It didn’t feel too bad, but my goggles filled up with water (twice) which meant I had to keep stopping – it’s difficult to swim with an eyeful of very cold water.   I managed 6 lengths and decided to call it a day – I knew that there would be people waiting for CAKE!  I took a couple of photos of Alex setting off, unfortunately he missed the cake (Alex I’ll bake again soon!)

Although this photo is slightly blurry, I rather like the feeling of movement it gives Alex.



I love the frost on the roof here – a really Christmassy effect.  Vince and I discussed if we should all bring one decoration each to put on the front of each door!


Vince doesn’t hang around – he was in, and off.


10 thoughts on “Cake!

  1. Ian says:

    I can vouch for a spectacular cake. I like the idea of you doing a Lido cake blog, especially if I can participate in third party testing… for the sake of research, you understand.

  2. Hilary says:

    Likewise – I think I can commit to a regular contribution!

    • Kate says:

      I’ll add you both to the list of Cake Critics!

      • pip says:

        Thanks Kate
        I had the last bit of cake this afternoon tasted great
        It was fully deserved after 100 lengths by the way it dropped to 5.5 this afternoon
        Can I join the cake testers?
        I could be Head judge Like Len Goodman is on strictly
        Ian could be Craig Revel Horwood
        Hilary could be Alesha Dixon
        Carl could be Bruce himself
        And Fernando could be Bruno Tonioli
        By the way as head judge with a casting vote I would get an extra piece of cake
        Cheers Pip

  3. pip says:

    Did you like the 100 lengths typo should have read 10 lengths but thought I would leave it in to wind you all up a bit

    • Kate says:

      Hmm – it seems that “Cake!” has become a rather popular topic. I might have to set some precedence as to how to join the “Judges/Tasters/Critics” list. Although I rather like the casting for “Strictly Cake”!

      I thought perhaps you had completely frozen your brain – well done for 10. Well it is the perfect score!

  4. Alex says:

    The picture is blurred because I’m so fast – no? Wish I’d had time to stay for cake, it looks amazing.

  5. The cake was indeed amazing, the water was amazing, the photos are amazing, the lido is amazing,the people who swim there daily/weekly/just once…. are amazing. long may amazing things happen!

  6. WOW! it finally allowed me to follow the blog …!!! however, the link under my name does not work … don’t even know how my name appeared as a link .. help, Mr & Mrs Ape!

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