Minus 3


10/12/2011 by Carl Reynolds

The last time I swam in Tooting (just six days ago) it was a balmy 7.5 degrees C. This week’s weather has seen it drop to 4.5 degrees C – three whole degrees C! I was nervous about getting in, never mind having a swim. I thought I might do two widths, but saw Kate swim off on her first length. So I got in and just about caught up with her when I saw her turn for another two. Please. I was cold. My hands had immediately gone numb in the middle. And whilst I have been getting a cold sensation down my flanks and painful nipples in slightly warmer water, this time there was no sensation; as the transition from warm to cold was too quick. By length four my fingers were beginning to go and my toes…what toes? But I thought I might as well do 600 yards. Perversely I then settled into the cold, so to speak, and determined to go on and reach double figures – 10 lengths or 1000 yards. Thankfully the sun was out.

Me and the missus then had lots of chit, chit, chatter with all and sundry. A wonderful place is Tooting Bec Lido.

Ape – 1000 yards, Mrs Ape 600 yards. 4.5 degrees C.

3 thoughts on “Minus 3

  1. You’re braver than me!

  2. wow – I’ve got some cold water tolerance to build. Barely managed 4 minutes yesterday

  3. […] can tell others to “Bite me, (’cause I won’t feel it)”. (4.8°C is mine). Carl Reynolds starts to get a bit nervous. Lisa tries to remember her suntan […]

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