a little chilly


12/12/2011 by Carl Reynolds

Mrs Ape's delicious Date and Walnut

We were supposed to be down at 8am to swim with mates and share cake, but didn’t wake up til 7.30am. Sorry everyone – we’ll bring Yorkshire Tea Cakes tomorrow. We still managed to feed and chat to a range of regulars who come in later. The lido seems to have also become the South London Sauna Club…the pool is empty, but the wooden hut is crammed. Do some swimming!

Mrs Ape and I decided to take it easy today, so she clocked up 400 yards and I did 700. Temp hovering around 4.5 degrees C. My challenge for this year was to do a mile at 6 degrees C, but then I came across these loons – the International Ice Swimming Association (membership open to those who do a mile at 5 degrees C or less); so might have to up the game. Unfortunately the lido water temperature dropped from 7.5 to 4.5 degrees in the space of six days while I was working up in Cumbria, so I didn’t have the chance to swim a mile at 6.

Meanwhile over at Lone Swimmer, there’s a very funny account of what water temperatures mean.

Ape – 700 yards, Mrs Ape – 400 yards, 4.5 degrees C.

One thought on “a little chilly

  1. the cake looks great (yet again!) Hope you’ll get up on time tomorrow! :) fun account of cold water .. however they got F and C mixed up for the last few descriptions … too much cold water swimming most certainly …

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