Mrs Ape goes Polar Bear Queen


13/12/2011 by Carl Reynolds

The temperature was slightly up today. We’d left to a clear sky, but coming over Forest Hill the cloud thickened, the night returned, there was an almighty shattering of lighting and the rain came down. In torrents. Five minutes later at the top of the next ridge, the sun came out, with the moon counterposing the sunrise again. Just in time for our arrival at the lido.

We got to an empty pool. A few souls had signed in before us, but not the ones we were expecting. We wondered (literally) around taking shots in the most luscious of lights. Finally I got changed and got in. It felt marginally warmer, so I clocked up a thousand yards. Meanwhile, Mrs Ape, getting in the water some minutes after me, stays in to do 800 yards. But, she swims at two-thirds of my pace. Reflecting on the impact of water temperature post yesterday (that bust Lone Swimmers stats record and generated a heap of comments), I was thinking that it was not only about distance, but perhaps more importantly time in the water. Mrs Ape did 200 yards less than me, but was in the water for 3 or 4 minutes longer than I. So who is the hardy one? In my book she takes the prize.

And naturally we had a good old chat with Alex (who clocked up 800 yards), Elizabeth, Hilary, Jonathan, Vince, Eamonn, Claire, Ian, Nando and Inez. And Fin and Dylan our life savers for the day. Cheers lads. The Yorkshire Tea Cakes went down well too.

A lovely 4.5 degrees C.

14 thoughts on “Mrs Ape goes Polar Bear Queen

  1. Beautiful pics there Carl. I agree, Mrs Ape sounds unbeatably hard!

    • Kate says:

      I’ve been inspired by watching the South African Ice Swim video and wondering if it is all about the mental rather than physical ability – then attempting to test it out! I do have a lovely warm sauna to get into afterwards too : )

  2. Alex says:

    Kate certainly gets the prize for today. Very impressive duration, I reckon I was in the water for about twelve minutes compared to about eighteen minutes for Kate. Thanks for the buns!

  3. Nando Cuca says:

    Darn, I never counted my time. I did 6 lengths and stopped at that because I did not want you to think I was trying to outdo Madame Singe. But I’m sure I was in there for more than 20mins as I went diving around and just enjoying the sun rays on the crystal clean blue waters.

  4. lovely filter on the shots .. I like the “oldie mouldy” look! not saying that the buns were mouldy .. :) the one I shared with Alex .. no butter cause on the hoof … was delicious! thanx Mr Ape

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