3.25 to Numbsville


17/12/2011 by Carl Reynolds

Mrs Ape gets the jitters

Kate remarked on how she was nervous a while before she normally is nervous. The temperature at the deep end was between 3 and 3.5 degrees C – let’s call it 3.25. We chatted with Sue and some more with Claire and Hilary. My hands were already cold. I remembered my hat and googles this time. I got in and set off pronto. Too fast. My breathing rhythm lost, I had to vary between twos and threes on the way back down the pool. I remembered to relax. I thought I’d just be doing two, but I could see Kate turn ahead of me. Four then. Where are my hands? And where are my forearms? I decide to try thinking myself warmer. It fails, but I do not notice that I have turned for another two lengths. Going into deep water seems to be harder than swimming into shallow water. I comfort myself with this delusional idea – coming back will be easier. Kate’s not quite finished and I’d like to stop when she does, so I turn again and go half way up the pool and back. I stop, stand and shake my hands in a vain attempt to regain some feeling in my digits. I can peel off my hats and googles, but the ear plugs require fine motor skills and I have temporarily lost mine. I manage to dislodge them and steam over to the sauna to warm up.

Ape 700 yards, Mrs Ape 400 yards – 3.25 degrees C.


5 thoughts on “3.25 to Numbsville

  1. Peter & Sally says:

    Down here in Cornwall the sea this morning was a positively balmy 11 degrees! Not even the brief hail storm took away from the joy. We know we are going to pay for this bliss later next week back at Tooting!

  2. Nando Cuca says:

    ‘Numbsville’ is just excellent. Arrive in Rogers, Arkansas, last night. I’ll be asking around for places where I can do Polar Bear Swimming, which is what they call our particular brand of madness around these parts.

  3. Kate says:

    Today was the first day this year that my body told me it was truly cold. Funnily enough my mind was ok and my breathing really settled well.

  4. Well done Kate and Carl. All best from Slovenia! Borut

  5. WOW, great swimming the Ape couple. Looks like you should both be members of the ISA.

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