welcome back Jack


19/12/2011 by Carl Reynolds

Down early to meet a different crowd. Had a brief chat with Stephanie on the way in; she’s also swimming indoors in a vain attempt to keep Ned happy. The footie pitches were frozen, the sun only reaching the tops of the trees and it was slippy underfoot. The sign on the door says 2.5 degrees C – funny how it drops fast, but takes ages to warm back up. No swimming in the shallow end as its covered in ice. We are now in the Jack Frost’s domain and his rules need to be obeyed. Widths or small circuits only at the deep end. Alex swam in uncharacteristically black budgies. At the deep end, there’s no shallowness to stand in first. You get in and swim. Despite the fall in temp, it didn’t feel as cold. Maybe we hung around less today? Or maybe the air temp (around zero) gave the illusion of warmth. The water felt good, my breathing was even and the stroke felt smooth.I thought I’d do at least the endurance distance (500 yards). As I was doing small circuits I swam the equivalent of 16 widths or 533 yards. A half km at 2.5 degrees C ain’t too bad methinks. Mrs Ape was a little less full on today, but still clocked up 300 yards…and a tipped hat to Sue, Alex and Pip for 400 yards each.

Much chit, chit, chatter in the sauna and the cafe was heaving with peeps eager to cram our baked goods in – mammoul (an Arabic date pastry) and Choc and Cranberry Cookies. So congratulations to Hilary, Vince, Claire, Sue, Gus, Nick, Batch, David, Nicky, Pip the Elegant and others on their discerning palates. As Hilary said of Kate’s cookies, “These are the best biscuits I’ve ever had”.

Ape – 533 yards, Mrs Ape – 300 yards. 2.5 degrees C.


2 thoughts on “welcome back Jack

  1. Are those little shapes caught in the ice-photo swimmers?! Hats off to all of you.

  2. Lynne – no, it’s a trick of perspective I think and a totally unintended effect. I think one is a frozen leaf and the others just reflections of the black line on the base of the pool. Oh…and as to hats, we do have one swimmer, Pip the Younger, who still swims without a hat. But he is crazy.

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