04/01/2012 by Carl Reynolds

Temperature down to five, air temp down too. Feeling of achievement yesterday replaced by some dithering today. Clocked up just over a kilometre (1200 yards), but didn’t feel the need to get as cold as I did yesterday.

Cake tin opened en-route in my top box, so my swim bag was smeared in butter icing. Managed to salvage the cake and all found it tasty. Nando in particular. He had two slices. Forgot to take any pictures except the one above.

And writing this, I notice that the inside of my left hand still has a slight ache. I know about frostbite and frost nip, but what detrimental impact does just above freezing water have on the body? I know about a lot of the positives.


One thought on “down

  1. Martin says:

    While on subject of frostbites – tips of my toes have been frost damaged over the years (8 hour mtb rides in subzero). It’s only surface stuff, but doesn’t go away. Depending on the temperature, it’s sometimes painful and some sensitivity has been lost. Anything to worry about, or just wear it as a badge of honour?

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