quack quack


09/01/2012 by Carl Reynolds

A surprisingly mild, but nevertheless overcast day. We arrive in a quiet lull in activity. There is no one in the pool. Pip and Nando are chatting while Pip fixes a puncture. We join in the chit, chit, chatter. And after a natter decide to swim. No great expectations of each other, just that we’ll enjoy it. I spy the duck on the other side of the pool, their reflection makes them look like something else entirely. I am none too comfortable about that. But intrepid swimmer that I am, I get in, curse and take off. Again the first two take ages. I get to six and Mrs Ape is still going, I turn for 7&8 knowing that I will do a kilometre. I get to 1000 yards and see Mrs Ape approach the half way mark. I sprint up to the mid point and turn, arc around her and accompany her back. A kilometre for the Ape and another half for the Missus.

We see and talk to Anne, Jenny, Nando, Pip, Karen, Dylan, Liz, Bob, Dominic and James and head off for the rest of the day refreshed and reanimated. Alas there were no cakes today.

5 degrees C.

3 thoughts on “quack quack

  1. pip says:

    The Story of Quack Quack Tooting

    Quack Quack the little duckling was thrown from the nest by its cruel surrogate mother into the water just like an ape tossing aside discarded bamboo

    The poor thing did not take like a duck to water and started to drown

    As quick as a flash (about 25 minutes & when in reach of the leaf net) the lifeguards and pip came to the rescue and pulled Quack Quack out

    After administering mouth to bill resuscitation and open air plastic heart surgery

    Quack Quack was saved but now independent and with home needed to learn to fend and swim for itself

    Pip looked back on his vast knowledge of avian swimming (witnessing the Pigeon that was flapping around earlier in the Year)
    And gave Quack Quack a quick lesson in duckerfly stroke.

    Quack Quack was reintroduced to the water and will now live plastically ever after

    The End
    Thank God

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