she’s a record breaker


10/01/2012 by Carl Reynolds

pic by Mrs Ape

Mrs Ape looked at the weather forecast this morning, and remarking on how cold it would get by the next time she could go to the lido again, decided to swim a kilometre today. So that she could bag an outside kilometre in January. And be the first woman, and the fourth person to do so. She’d got close on Sunday – ten lengths, just 100 yards short – but had gotten too cold. The thermometer in the deep end read just under six degrees C, in the shallow end it was measured at 5.5.

It takes Mrs Ape a lovely prime 29 minutes to swim a kilometre. And it takes me about the same time to do a mile. So I was duty bound to match her commitment. I have no idea of how Mrs Ape fared whilst swimming a hundred yards past her target; but I do know that she got in the sauna pretty damn quick. I joined her a little while behind (she was at a length when I got in) and, aside from some momentary painful twinges in our toes, were toasty again in the requisite 20 minutes.

Meanwhile over at Unusual Love Affair in London, the duck drama continues. And Pip was to be found in the cafe, hands filthy with grease, mending Nando’s and an assortment of other inner tubes. Such are the peculiarities of geezers.

Oh, and Mrs Ape has discovered a new intrigue – Vietnamese Cooking. Cakes are off the menu for the time being. Service, will however, be resumed soon when the Ape gets less busy too.


4 thoughts on “she’s a record breaker

  1. Alex says:

    Well done to both of you. Love the picture too.

  2. Great swimming both, well done. River Great Ouse is a little warmer than Tooting Bec, at 7C. 1100m for me today while Helen went on to a mile in 35 minutes.

  3. martin says:

    Well done Kate!

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