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14/01/2012 by Carl Reynolds

Someone was holding Quack Quack to ransom. We liberated her. Unbound she regaled us with tales of the Internationalist Swimming Tendency’s (IST) plans to extraordinarily extradite her to Latvia to face trumped up charges of duckery. A large Brazilian sounding man seemed to be the head of the group, along with a dodgy geezer on a bike. Investigations continue.

Meanwhile the temperature in the pool has dropped to 4.5 degrees C and we thought we’d do a few. Kate just kept on turning, so I ended up doing 1200 yards and she did 800. A few of mine were not pretty. My stroke seems to have gone all over the place.

Talking to Stephanie, who told us she was doing 10k a day over the weekend in Crystal Palace, I was reminded of the need to start upping my distance, if I am to survive the mind games of Mr Denison in June. I may have to venture indoors, but it’s been so mild so far, that I enjoy a km at 4.5 degrees C, far more than two or three hours at 29 degrees C. For me swimming is for fun. Not having a Channel swim to look forward to(!), liberates me from a fear of not being fit enough. But I did agree to swim some more lengths with Stephanie once it gets close to double figures again.

There were a host of people enjoying the sunshine today. Tricky, Egg and Batch were over the moon; Inez was shocked by the cold embrace of Johnathon; Annie’s off to Melbourne; Doro was trying out her spangly green swimsuit for Latvia; Giles was chillin’ with Adam in the sunshine and Sally’s got a new swimsuit.

Ape – 1200 yards, Mrs Ape – 800 yards. 20 mins at 4.5 degrees C.

pics by Mrs Ape


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