four on the door


15/01/2012 by Carl Reynolds

Four degrees C. We arrive early to get a swim and sauna in before the races. I find it impossible to do a distance after a sprint. My lungs have worked so hard, that I can’t relax into a long distance stroke. A few people are about. Tricky is in the pool – others are still dressed or in the sauna. There’s still ice underfoot and I almost slip before getting in the water. It’s cold. The sun hasn’t quite risen above the trees, so there will be no illusory warming from the sun’s rays. The water grips me like a vice. I think I might be messy by six. But I get to six and feel that I can turn and do two more. Get to eight, and although my hands are now beginning to hurt and my feet have transcended to another realm, I feel good to do two more. Getting close to the 1000 yard mark, I resolve to beat my PB and do another 100 yards – half way up the pool and back. A kilometre at 4 degrees – result. Mrs Ape, meanwhile, is in for a tad less and clocks up 15 minutes for 600 yards. Still well within the criteria for entering the endurance race.

Everyone is their usual jolly selves in the sauna and Mrs Ape has another cake for the racers – Apple and Cinnamon. We gather, chat and eat. Rosemary wins the best new comer (points accumulated in races between October and January) and young Natalia and Olivia place in the top four. The outdoor swimming crowd is growing and growing.

Ape – 1km, Mrs Ape – 600yards. 4 degrees C.

pics by Ape and Mrs Ape


2 thoughts on “four on the door

  1. Nando Cuca says:

    Fabulous photos. Fabulous cake (the little bit that I had).

  2. martin says:

    Beautiful pictures (Nando beat me to it)!

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