all quiet


21/01/2012 by Carl Reynolds

Mrs Ape reports:

On my own and finding it an effort to motivate myself this morning.  Lay in bed listening to the wind howling outside and watching the curtains billow as it entered the meagre gap.  My son booted me out of the house reminding me how much I enjoy swimming.  Arrived to a prime choice of changing cubicles with so many people away in Latvia for the World Winter Swimming Champs.  Stood chatting to the few bods around.  Nicky was totting up our miles to see if we’d made it to Latvia via the sea route and contemplating what our next goal should be.  Gail tempted me with a taster of Elizabeth’s “coffee tablet/fudge” which was lovely and gave me a great sugar high at 9:30 in the morning!  Shared news of Quack Quack – who I hear from a reliable source, has hitched a ride to participate in the Winter Swimming Champs.  Caught a quick photo of Elizabeth as she took off for another 2 lengths.  Chatted with Liz about happy marriages. Batch shot past, hot from the sauna, leapt in, gasped and sprinted off to the shower.  Hilary arrived and so did the sun.  The water finally felt inviting.  600 yards later discovered the sauna was nearly as empty as the pool.  Delighted to hear that Peter has also been busy baking from the new Dan Lepard book.  Sally loves the Clementine Muffins.  Caught a couple of shots of Annie in the sunlight.  Checked the medals table for Latvia, seems we have 1 Gold and 2 Silver medals so far.  COME ON SLSC!

A Banana and Pecan cake will be ready for tomorrow.

Water 4C – Mrs Ape 600 yards

Elizabeth stretches out on her 4th length

Annie sparkles in the sun.


One thought on “all quiet

  1. Rebecca says:

    Brrrr ;P

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