hanging with the boys


23/01/2012 by Carl Reynolds

Mrs Ape reports: Monday 23rd January

The promise of sun from the BBC turned out to be unfounded.  A later swim today, no rush, no one to please but myself.   A few bods around the lido, some even in the water, albeit briefly.  Nando and Pip were in the café keeping it warm – must be all the hot air they create!  Joined by Dominic, Pip went on a roll telling tall stories from places he has worked over the years – tales of horses in houses on cream carpets;  overflowing baths blocked with laundry;  and a choice tale involving a BBC news presenter and a pair of stilettos.  Nando barely had a chance to tell us about Latvia.   “Eh – where did that hour go?”

I’d thought about what Martin had asked me yesterday (“Are you swimming a km today?”) and wondered why the motivation had left me to continue swimming to the 1km mark.  Obviously, cold is one factor, but over this season I’ve researched and persevered and now understand not only more about swimming in cold water, but also how I can adapt to it both physically and mentally.   I swim 800 yards and feel that’s enough , sit shivering in the sauna next to Chris who relives Latvia in terms of camaraderie, exhilaration and good times.  We all look forward to the photos.

Water 4.5C, Mrs Ape 800yards


One thought on “hanging with the boys

  1. pip says:

    it was her choice not mine

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