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29/01/2012 by Carl Reynolds

Sixty people for the Sunday races. The team’s back from Latvia, various eulogies for Dr Andy, Yvonne’s 90th birthday and the return of Mrs Ape’s cake. After yesterday’s paltry effort, I was reminded by Nicky that I had stated on this blog, that I’d be doing a km or mile in Tooting. On this, and a few other things, it would be fair to say that I have a strong opinion, that is weakly held. The water temperature shook my resolve to its core yesterday. I was intrigued as to how I would cope today. Determined to do more than 200 yards, I got into the water and told myself that it was not as cold. In fact, it was colder. Just 4 degrees C. I set off and had to breathe every other stroke, as I immediately started hyperventilating. So much for the research that shows that once you have overcome the cold shock response, your body remembers for up to six months. In my case it forgot after 12 days.

Not wanting to do just another two, I turned for another length and it all became easier. My body was remembering that I wasn’t going to die. Or perhaps I was now numb enough to be relaxed? It’s been a while since I’ve had to calm myself down from the rushing heartbeat and the gasping breath. Felt good at the end of 600 yards, but decided to get out and take it up in increments. A kilometre beckons again and I am happy to play with Jack Frost as he grips the nation this week.

Mrs Ape meanwhile upped her pace, and staying in for 14 minutes clocked up 600 yards. And we chatted to people various.

Ape & Mrs Ape – 600 yards, 4 degrees C.

pics by Mrs Ape


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