icy icy baby


04/02/2012 by Carl Reynolds

The real swimming starts now! Two thirds of the pool covered in a centimetre thick ice. Brilliant sunshine and the members out to play. Eat your heart out OSS dippers, we can do it every day. And if you want to as well, SLSC membership is just £120/year – see here.

Ice chucked on ice creates a wonderful singing sound, so soon we had several of us breaking and chucking ice across the expanse. Pip, Batch, Sue, Hilary, Simon, Stephanie, Tricky, Nicky, Gail, Vince, Annie, Julia, Alison, Lynn, Peter, Sally, Gus, Margy, Egg and others all down to enjoy the fun.

Dived in – as the water was warmer than the air – and swam for a couple of minutes. My body was fine, but my toes and fingers immediately felt like popsicles. We could only swim in the deep end and the steps were frozen, as was the side. Footprints were freezing seconds after you had left them, but we still stood around chatting in our cossies and the bright sunshine. Pip regaled us with tales of his marvellous mishaps, before the talk veered into unfortunate surnames, including Ms Coke who was about to marry Mr Head.

Tom the lifeguard was moving people’s flip flops about and has earned his Sunday cake ration. And on the subject of cakes, the club is running a Cake Fete on March 24th to raise money for Stephanie Voss’s Channel Charity – Battersea Dogs Home. We will bake, naturally, and will provide some of the books for a bookstall.


4 thoughts on “icy icy baby

  1. You lot, well ‘ard :-)

  2. Hilary says:

    Caught by the camera throwing like a complete girl!

  3. It doesn’t matter where we swim in Devon, you always have colder water! Diving in to 0*c is just mad….wow.

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