snow on snow


05/02/2012 by Carl Reynolds

Late for the races, but in plenty of time to enjoy the massed ranks of ice water swimming aficionados. The shallow end had been cleared and all and sundry were getting in for times various. Jackie Cobell (famous for the slowest Channel crossing ever) stayed in for just over ten minutes, but then she is part of Jack Bright’s Bering Straits relay team. Simon did his usual marathon head up breaststroke and Martin has ditched his wetsuit and is enjoying longer swims in just his budgie pouches.

Nando entertained all with his bombs and Jenny gathered cake for her and Adam before she swam – being well aware of the cake vultures circling around Mrs Ape’s latest – a double chocolate Bundt cake. Pip was wearing a Heath Robinson device on his head and taking live video of himself breaking the ice from below and the kids were building snowmen.

Mrs Ape and I both managed 266 yards, but she is now hardier than I, as she spends longer in the water. Temperature again a balmy 0 degrees C.

pics by Ape & Mrs Ape

10 thoughts on “snow on snow

  1. LoneSwimmer says:

    Great post Carl. I was feeling great after my swim yesterday, now I feel like a wimp, thanks!

  2. Dominic says:

    I hope the snow’s still there tomorrow, perhaps some of that lovely looking cake too (yeah right :0)

  3. Jenny says:

    Very good cake it was too, Mrs Ape, thank you. And blimey, you’re a surreptitious snapper – didn’t see you take either of the shots of me (would have pulled a different face).

  4. pip says:

    I will be there late tomorow as i have a 6:00 start

  5. Fab photos Mr Ape! Love the write-up too.

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