all on my ownsome, lonesome


06/02/2012 by Carl Reynolds

Mrs Ape reports:

The Ape is working again; more trips to Cumbria.  Monday morning rush hour happened without me, opting for the choice to swim a little later.  The pure white loveliness of the snow had rapidly become an unappealing grey slush, but the air warmer,  still,  – positively gentle.  On arrival at the lido, only one other person had signed in after 9am, I’m the 25th signature of the day. There is no one in sight, the pool is empty, the cubicles barren.  Karen and Anthony are busy moving slush about and everything else is just drip, drip, dripping.   I offer them a slice of Bundt (they more than deserve it) and then set off round the pool to take photos.  Someone recently asked why I take photos as “it always looks the same”.  I have to disagree.  The light, reflections and patterns of the ice were quite magical this morning and the trick is trying to capture the very essence of the moment before it all melts into oblivion.

Once round the pool was enough snapping and the decision not to procrastinate any longer pushed me forward to getting changed.  Bob and Marion arrived and went off for a run – is that “getting your feet wet before getting your feet wet?”  Karen dutifully stood by the side of the pool as I squawked my way in.  She said “I know it’s cold when people squawk!”  Managed  8 widths before I couldn’t feel my fingers properly – I had an aim of 10 building to 15 so I could at least try for the Endurance distance (450 yards) before the water warms up.  It sounds so crass to say that, but I’m sure I can do it.  Oh well – there’s always tomorrow.  Had chats with Angie in the sauna about our fabulous lifeguards and what a sterling job they had done clearing snow, gritting paths and moving ice around so that the Sunday races could take place.  Dominic was delighted that I had saved him the last piece of chocolate Bundt!

Mrs Ape 264 yards – 0C


2 thoughts on “all on my ownsome, lonesome

  1. Wow Mrs Ape! I’m stunned by your ability to swim in such low temperatures. I agree with you absolutely – your photos show the beauty and endless varieties of light and water and people, whether in Tooting, or Devon, or wherever :)

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