minus one


12/02/2012 by Carl Reynolds

Temperature measured at minus 1 degree C. Only a small strip of the pool clear  for the races, so everyone had to be content with widths and part widths. Nicky was demanding cake as soon as we arrived; apparently she’d been up since six in anticipation. A queue was forming to get in the narrow strip created, so Mrs Ape and I started with just two. Then into the warm embrace of the sauna for chatterings various with Batch.

Meanwhile in the pool, Martin did 9 widths, Tricky managed 12 and others were having impromptu races between themselves. After warming up Mrs Ape did another four widths and I did six. Then to cakes. And there were a lot of cakes – including Mrs Ape’s Cherry and Almond cake, two other cherry cakes, biscuits, meringues, a birthday cake (Happy Birthday to Doro and Ian) and lots of hot and strong coffee. The air temp rises this week, so we could be doing lengths again by mid-week.

Ape – 266 yards, Mrs Ape – 200 yards. Minus 1 degree C.

pics by Ape and Mrs Ape


5 thoughts on “minus one

  1. Martin says:

    Bob turned up just before we left and did 12 lengths after, what seemed like, ages spent in the water.

  2. Ian says:

    Kate, many thanks for an absolutely gorgeous cherry cake. Scrummy!

  3. Dominic says:

    Well it can’t get much colder than that! There are still crumpets in the fridge that need eating should anyone be going tomorrow.

  4. wildswimmers says:

    Mrs Ape’s cakes look delicious. Can’t wait for my visit to London (cakes were promised).

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