the Icebreaker


13/02/2012 by Carl Reynolds

the Icebreaker


Mrs Ape reports:

Despite a much milder night, the ice is still present, thinner, but still there.  Deep end swimming only but as the ice kept moving, so did where we could swim.  One minute it was across, the next, down.  I was warmly greeted this morning as I arrived with an Apple and Cinnamon cake (baked belatedly for Batch’s birthday but he wasn’t there)  It was much appreciated, as was Clare’s Lemon Drizzle cake.  Nando did a great job breaking up the ice in the shallow end, let’s hope it melts more rapidly as a result.  Back home, I read an interesting piece by Lone Swimmer about the”  Claw” – here.  A phenomenon that cold water swimmers (including myself) suffer from.  Like him, I don’t seem to suffer so much as the temperature gets colder.  A topic for the sauna tomorrow I think.

Mrs Ape – Minus 1C, 200 yards.




2 thoughts on “the Icebreaker

  1. Great shots Mrs Ape .. Mr Ape must be proud of you! Thanx for the delicious piece of cake! sorry I couldn’t say for a chat…

  2. Alex says:

    Damm, I missed out on cake again. Pip under ice with no hat on, what a loon! great pictures, see you soon.

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