going up


21/02/2012 by Carl Reynolds

another sunny day in Paradise

Temperature up to 3 degrees C in the deep end. Weather forecast looks like it’s going keep going up. I’m off to Toronto on Friday for a week and a bit, so hopefully it’ll be a balmy 5 or 6 degrees C by the time I get back and I can start doing miles again. An earlier start gave us the opportunity to catch up with the early crowd. Saw Egg on the way in and swam with Alex (of Quick Dip fame), who’s just a fast as ever.

Chats with Vince, Sue and Claire in the sauna about different styles of swimming. Chris has a lady vicar, straight out of the League of Gentlemen, on his lido pass; Sue told us about being papped and Nicky was building bridges with Charlotte, after she had asked for toast and then switched, when made a better offer, to croissant. And she was also disappointed that Mrs Ape hadn’t made a mid week cake. Margy was enthusiastic about using the lido for ISA qualifiers – phew! and Anthony and Karen were their usual cheerful selves. It was lovely to have a chat with Hilary, as we’ve not seen her for a few weeks. Found out that Angie and us have a mutual friend in Bridged – a Streatham quilting institution. John B meanwhile was in his usual floral swim trunks, looking a fine figure of a fella. And Pip did his inaugural weigh in, prior to his summer of training for a Channel relay – 17.5 stone. His target is to lose three.

Ape – 1000 yards, Mrs Ape – 600 yards, 3 degrees C.


5 thoughts on “going up

  1. Nicky says:

    I’m still disappointed about the lack of midweek cake…

  2. I’m sure Mrs Ape will be baking while I am away, and all the lovely swimmers at the lido can forget their vague dreams of being svelte whilst they munch away on her gorgeous confections.

  3. Alex says:

    Good to see you guys, you should do an 8am swim more often.

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