a different kind of cold

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25/02/2012 by Carl Reynolds

Hilary glides

Mrs Ape reports

Scores on the doors say 6C – I can’t believe it’s gone up 3 degrees in 3 days.  The thermometer confirms it’s so.  “Great” I think – “it’s warm”.  Meander down to change but the warm weather means the pool is crowded – I need two hands to count how many are in.  I realise what a luxury an empty pool is and appreciate how the cold weather keeps the pool clear!  For some reason, I’m reluctant to get in, until I hear someone (Gail I think) say “it’s a different kind of cold.”  I stick my head out of my cubicle relieved that someone has put it into words.  It’s not warm, just less cold.  This means you lose feeling gradually, steadily, slowly rather than instantly.  Mmmm, not sure if that’s better but it certainly means a longer swim.  I think a km, my body says it’s had enough after 800 yards (730m) and I’m also clock watching, places to go.  Chats in the sauna with Elizabeth (here) and Giles (who’s suffering from swimming indoors too much) then realise time has ticked away and I have to dash.

Mrs Ape 800 yards 6C

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