6, 12, 20 and sunshine


26/02/2012 by Carl Reynolds

Reflections in the deep

Mrs Ape reports:

The water remains at 6C (42.8) but the sun shines brightly.  Aim to get my February km in.  Set off down the pool and almost go giddy from the dazzling patterns on the bottom which is like a million prisms flickering.  It’s less intense as you hit the deep water, but good to feel the sun on my back.  Get to 10 and feel a bit “odd” but I can still feel my hands so persevere to complete 12 (1097m).  It’s close to the start of the races, but it takes me ages to warm up in the sauna and still feel shivery but not cold, even after I’m dressed.  Dan Lepard’s Brown Sugar Chocolate cake with chocolate treacle icing (taken from his book Short and Sweet) stops the shivering in its tracks and I feel human once again.  There is no rush so I stand (then sit) chatting for hours, it’s just too lovely to leave and there are still lots of people there.  Contemplate a second swim, but am wisely told that I’ve probably done enough for one day.  Pip wobbles past having just swum a massive 20 lengths (2743m) in the water for 40 minutes. Congrats to Tricky too, who did his February mile yesterday and  Martin and Jackie who also clocked up 12 apiece.

Mrs Ape 1200 yards 6C

4 thoughts on “6, 12, 20 and sunshine

  1. Nicky says:

    That was seriously good cake!

  2. pip says:

    It was only 20 lengths in 40 min
    Cheers Pip

    although you could persuade me it was 30

  3. Martin says:

    Fine effort, everyone… Pip was exhibiting symptoms of Delirium Tremens, when he came out of the sauna, and kept on spilling his tea, while insisting he was fine.

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