have you swum yet?


28/02/2012 by Carl Reynolds

Alex's signature orange hat

Mrs Ape reports

Cheated of my swim yesterday due to ridiculous traffic jams and after going nowhere for 20 minutes gave up and went home.  Headed off today just before sunrise to guarantee safe arrival just after the lido opens at 7am.  Not wanting to rush back and get stuck in the other end of the ribbon of traffic on the South Circ, I delayed my swim until much later watching lots of regulars, swim, sauna and go on their way.  Standing around meant I was asked numerous times “have you swum yet?”   “No” was the inevitable answer!  Waited for the other two lido bloggers Elizabeth (here) and Alex (here) to arrive and swim, before I even contemplated getting changed.  Had an interesting discussion with Lucy in the café about how “cakes are for sharing” but cupcakes are really quite a selfish and indulgent invention (you can have your cake and eat it – but not share it!)  I’d made biscuits for today, but by the time I got to the café, post swim they were nearly all gone.  A good sign I think.  Swam my last couple of lengths with Nando.  Although the temperature is rising slowly, by length 9 and 10 my arms felt quite heavy and my stroke suffered. Note to self – “practice drills.”

Mrs Ape – 1000 yards 6.5C (measured by Steph at 7. something in the shallow end)


4 thoughts on “have you swum yet?

  1. Alex says:

    I’m not surprised your arms were getting heavy. It’s still cold and no ammount of drills will fix that. Beautiful pictures (not just of me!), I like Vince swimming downhill and Jonathan sets off. I still didn’t manage to get a biscuit but they look lovely.

  2. Nicky says:

    Mmmm,… cupcakes…

  3. You’ve got some lovely shots Kate!!! Love the one of Jonathan setting off – looks like he is pushing a heavy load away… and yes also love the one of Vince! 10 lengths .. how do you do it?!!:)

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