05/03/2012 by Carl Reynolds

Mr and Mrs Ape wandered down to the lido, traversing the south circular enroute. They arrived full of trepidation. Was the temperature up or down? The sun was out, but a bitter wind curled round the edges of their Fred Astaire jackets and the last vestiges of Autumn fluttered down into the pool. It had dropped. Seven degrees C in the deep end – no doubt a little cooler in the shallow. Not a soul to be seen in the pool, but a hearty congregation in the cafe. Delighted by Mrs Ape’s coffee cake they made light work of most of it. We put a couple of slices aside for after our cool lengths. And we swam and we swam. Mrs Ape clocked up 1400 yards and I managed a couple of kilometres. I think it’s time to up it some more. We met Nando on the way to the sauna and directed him to cake and then had a chat with Liz. But shock, horror…on entering the cafe we saw Bob and Marion clearing up and they had swept our reserved cake slices into the bin. They were covered in coffee grains and irrecoverable, but thankfully Nando had left enough for us to eat and leave a little for the eager cafe cleaners. Panic averted. Note to Apes – save cake til afterwards, otherwise the cake vultures and other swim life will disappear your cake.

Ape – 2200 yards (2km), Mrs Ape – 1400 yards (1.28km) – 7 degrees C.


3 thoughts on “sparkly

  1. Hilary says:

    Nooooo! Maybe we should invest in a Cake Safe for the cafe?

  2. Hilary says:

    … I’ll hold the combination obviously…

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