we’re all going on a summer holiday


06/03/2012 by Carl Reynolds

under Ulpha Bridge with Sarah T

Cliff jumping/tombstoning/coasteering…lots of places to self organise your destruction or daily elation. But I am not sharing these watery delights, instead, as this is a site about swimming (and cake), I am going to share with you my deep, limited and virtually non-existent experience of four swim holiday companies. Here goes.

The big one, the original, ferries are for wimps – Swimtrek

A mass of one week, weekend, special and training holidays on offer. Go to a host of places hot or cold and swim. Everyday. Sometimes for hours. Sometimes for an hour or two. Long swims, short swims, sea swims, fresh water swims. What do you want from a swim holiday? They’ve got it. I have been to the Isles of Scilly, Jura, Sardinia, Croatia and Gozo with them. The guides are almost all down to earth, helpful and witty (with one notable exception). The cost of the week tours plus flights, will set you back the fat end of a grand, but unless you are pretty intrepid and multi-lingual you couldn’t organise it yourself. Or I suspect do it for much less. But see here for my self organised trip to the Outer Hebrides.

Big River men – Strel Swimming Adventures

Borut, son of Martin, Strel has adopted the same organisational rigour as Swimtrek. They offer tours of the Slovenian Lakes, Croatian coast and Powell Canyons in the USA. Mrs Ape and I went on the Slovenian trip last summer. The hotel was great, the local food was delicious (and in huge servings), you are surrounded by the Julian Alps (with many clearly signed footpaths) and you are well looked after. We stayed for a few extra days and went up a mountain and did some horizontal canyoning. See here for more.

Gone Swimming – adventures in north Wales

I know nothing about these people, but the site looks good and their philosophy is sound – see their take on rubbish swimming. And the prices are extremely attractive – £175 for a weekend. Try it out before they rise.

The Big Blue – swimming in Greece

Again, I know nothing about this company, but know people who know them. Not that I’ve ever tapped them for gossip. But the site looks good, the swims look fantastic and whom could argue with a swimming holiday in Greece.


8 thoughts on “we’re all going on a summer holiday

  1. LoneSwimmer says:

    Great roundup Carl. Never been on one, but if I did the idea of going somewhere warm now sounds weird. The Scilly Isles one always appealed to me though.

  2. Will do. Up by the weekend. I realise I have none of us swimming, but plenty of land/sea scape.

  3. Dan Graham says:

    Hello Mr Aquatic Ape,

    I was looking at where our incoming links were coming from, and found your site.
    Thanks very much for mentioning us, we really appreciate it.

    I don’t want to fill up your comments page with advertising, but if you want some more information about us – or even to come up on a trip (I’m sure we could do you a deal) drop us an email.

    Your blog has now been added to our reader, and once we get our weblinks sorted, you’ll be on there too.

    • Thanks Dan. Got a lot of swimming going on already this year, but might be able to squeeze another weekend in ;-). And judging by the site, I’m sure it’ll be great.

  4. hi Carl, well done on running your blog. I see Kate keeps swimming in our pink hat. Glad she likes it. Hello to both of you from Arizona. We are setting up Lake powell tour. All best, Borut, Martin

    • Borut – kate does indeed keep swimming in the pink hat. I hope the tour booked up well – it looks lovely, but not something we could do soon. I’ve booked to do a channel swim in 2014, so will be focussing my energy on that. But post that swim, I will be looking forward to going myself a swimming present!

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