Breaststroke Bryn


07/03/2012 by Carl Reynolds

My friend Bryn, down to London to watch the swimming at the Olympic Aquadome, couldn’t resist a trip to Tooting Bec Lido. I met him in the pouring rain and we sped off for a speedy 1200 yards in 6 degree C water. Bryn is going for a channel crossing this year. What makes his swim more unusual is that he’s going to do it breaststroke. He’s fast. He got the silver medal at the last UK CWSC and is an aficionado of cold water – swimming in the Ouse in his hometown of St Neots several times a week. Good practice for the channel as he has to avoid angry swans, dodge boats and navigate the odd clump of weeds – a little like the jellies, tankers and flotsam he’ll encounter on his way to France. Bryn is raising money for the Parkinson’s society – you can donate here. And for those of you headed to Ned Denison’s aqua torture week in June, Bryn will be staying with myself and Sarah Tunnicliffe, so you’ll get to meet him.

Meanwhile the pool was a little deserted…


3 thoughts on “Breaststroke Bryn

  1. Great swim, many thanks Carl. Why don’t all outdoor swim spots have a sauna? Ned, NED!

  2. Because they weren’t Finn-ished. Boom Boom.

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