three Cs, two Cs, one C


08/03/2012 by Carl Reynolds

Big C looking apprehensive before his 6 degree dip

Three Cs – Me, Big Carl and Jackie Cobell. Two Cs – two channel swimmers (not me). One C – one channel record holder (Jackie). Now Big C was once a regular on these pages, but due to a series of unfortunate events has not been swimming for a very long time. He was buttonholed as soon as he came in by Margy, before we had a long chat with Jackie Cobell. I knew that Big C would manage a length or two, despite it being a chilly 6 degrees C. Lucy and Hilary, who we met on the way in, said it felt colder than yesterday, and the thermometer did read a shade under 6, but who can quibble about a fraction of a fraction. And indeed he swam 400 yards, to his credit. Meanwhile, Jackie said she’d stay in for 40 minutes (she works out her time in according to the temperature) and I thought I’d do a mile (about 30 minutes). I felt good at 1800 yards, so turned and did another 200 to take it to a well round 2000 yards – or 20 lengths and 34 minutes in the water. Jackie meanwhile steamed (or is that chilled?) on for another 11 minutes and clocked up 45 minutes in the water. She really is a Polar Bear.

The sun was out throughout and presented me with some lovely photo opportunities. I took them.

Ape – 2000 yards (1.83km) – 6 degrees C.

10 thoughts on “three Cs, two Cs, one C

  1. LoneSwimmer says:

    Good to see Big C. And the hat. Give him my regards next time you see him & tell him we look forward to see him visit Sandycove again this year.

    Need More Pictures Of Jackie C.!

  2. Donal – you’ll not see him in June, but he usually has a family holiday in August round your parts (so to speak!). And yes…more Jackie C pics.

  3. Martin says:

    Well done Carl, that’s a good distance. Jackie is indeed in a league of her own. Apart from being able to stay in for a very long time – she doesn’t seem to suffer afterwards either.

  4. Nando Cuca says:

    I had a sudden desire to join Jackie but the the registrations for the Bering Straight had closed. Shame. I would have liked to be the only Brazilian in the group.

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