early start


09/03/2012 by Carl Reynolds


Got to the lido for an unearthly 7.15 this morning. Was hoping to bump into Stephanie – which I did – and we had a good chat about crossing the channel, cold water and training regimes. Also met Peter the Rev for the first time, who raced ahead for a few yards and then ran out of steam. Wanting to keep my average up for the week, I did 1800 yards and the thermometer read a bit over 6 degrees – let’s say 6.25 degrees C. Stephanie started just after me and gained about a metre per length, so if I can improve a little it’ll be good to swim with her for length after length in the run up to the June madness.

I now have a ten K swim to train for. It’s in early July in the sea at Brighton; and one of the few swims where wetsuits are not allowed. It frustrates me endlessly that swim after swim is wetsuit compulsory. I’m sure it’s something to do with insurance, but have they never heard of personal disclaimers?

And because it was the early crowd, I got to have a chat with Egg, Pip the Elegant and Bertie outside in the car park. Who hard on the heels of his amazing cross Atlantic row, is thinking of the Marathon de Sables. Then to the car park to wait for some others and a group swim in Crystal Palace pool. T’other Pip turned up, only to vanish again because he’d forgotten to give his missus something. Then Dom and Jackie, followed by Kevin and Ruth. We all went over to the pool only to find that it was closed for a Gala. Nevermind, I’ll get a 5k swim in next week.

Also managed to get some shots of bloggers Alex and Elizabeth.

Ape – 1800 yards (1 mile) – 6.25 degrees C.


4 thoughts on “early start

  1. “hard on the heels of his amazing cross Atlantic swim” – thinking of Dan, writing about Bertie? If he is planning on MdeS then my cousin Martin Like (Likeys) is a good guy to talk to. Bertie can look him up on web and on F/B.

  2. thanx for the photo Mr Ape … didn’t see you at all … only heard that you were here this morning … from Stephanie .. u swam a mile ?! well done!!

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