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13/03/2012 by Carl Reynolds

Met Nicky on the way in, who reminded me of the fete on 24th March, in aid of Stephanie’s channel crossing. There will be a lot of books apparently and Batch has a game he has invented…so some performance art from him then. Michael was getting off his bike, so had a brief chat with him about helmets and safety. Before having a slighly longer chat with Peter about non-conformism and the branches of the church(s). Then in.

The thermometer read 8 degrees C and I recall swimming two miles at 8 back on 1st December. I’ve been doing 2km pretty consistently this last week, so thought I’d push the envelope. I get a sense of achievement at 800 yards, it’s the foothill; then another at 2000 yards, twenty lengths feels like a good number; got to twenty four, I’ve been counting in dozens and thought another 10 lengths (100o yards) and I’m at 3km. I saw Ian get in with his go faster wetsuit, so kept his pace for six lengths, bit then eased off, as whilst it warmed me slightly, I wanted to keep my breathing regular. And I find that a  long swim at cold temperatures requires a more steady state of swimming. I could have gone on to two miles – just another 200 yards – but thought that 3km was a good enough step up. I found that I could still talk, so engaged in the usual chit, chit, chatter in the sauna with, among others, Sue, Sue 2, Claire and Hilary. No time for a coffee, as I was off to a meeting at ten. Lovely.

A real privilege to be among such people. If you live in London and want to swim, join the SLSC – just £115 for the year.

Ape – 3400 yards (3.11km) – 8 degrees C, 56 mins.


3 thoughts on “up to 3k

  1. Alex says:

    Tsk, no time for pictures?

    Well done, a real marathon swim.

  2. Martin says:

    Well done. I’m almost tempted to go for a swim…

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