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15/03/2012 by Carl Reynolds

Enroute to the lido there was still fog about, so nipped into my friend Bridged’s for a cuppa before arriving at the pool for nine-ish – with the sun now ablazing. Then, realising I had very little to do today, engaged in natterings with Elizabeth, Alex and Batch. And then I spied Nando coming in, so we agreed to get in and swim…and swim. Nando was keen to repeat yesterday’s swim of a shade under 3km and I wanted to go 200 yards better and get to two miles. After a km or so, Ian got in and I kept pace with him for a 1000 yards to work on the lungs a bit; and then eased off for the next twenty minutes to come in at 1hr 3mins. Nando meanwhile cruised on for another 17 minutes and did 3200 yards in 1hr 20m. In the world of cold water swimming, I think the endurance (time in) is more impressive than the distance. But it’s distance that sticks in people’s minds. If the regulars are stretching to do a km, two miles is madness.

Got out and lo and behold, Jackie turns up and so does Big Carl. So I went in for a little while longer to practise sprints for Sunday (thanks to Ian for timing me), some photos, a couple of widths for Nando to film my stroke and two and a half lengths of Big C’s 12. Jackie meanwhile stroked on and on and on.

And more chat…Vernon, X (who was incognito and skiving off work), Anne Brimelow, Annie (who was off to keep fit) and Big Carl. Finally left around 1.30pm, after a piece of Jeanne Marie’s birthday cake – thanks.

Ape – 3600 yards (3.3km or 2.05miles) – 8 degrees C.

2 thoughts on “distance x time

  1. Alex says:

    I’m pretty sure that isn’t Karen (lifeguard) in that picture. ;-)

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