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18/03/2012 by Carl Reynolds


3 SLSC teams, one from Serpentine SC and OTS. The latter I have no idea of where from, but they won. 16 races, all strokes, under45, over45 and over 60, plus medley and freestyle relays. But before that, Mrs Ape did a stretch out 6 lengths and I did 20 (2000 yards) to complete my 15km for the week. It was a joy to see so many people enjoy the sunshine and the cool water. Although a few of the other team’s members were shocked by the temperature. Lots of cake and biscuits – Mrs Ape made cranberry and chocolate cookies – and a concentration of all the people I see at different times of the week and on different days.

Chatted about acclimatising with a few people, including new member Chris Jordinson (who I met swimming off Jura and Islay back in 2009), the upcoming Brazil trip with Nando, Alex and Tricky; and wondered how Tricky could afford a Prada jacket. Meanwhile Martin was a little nervous about upping his distance (this being a man who swam a km at 4 degrees C), but was nevertheless encouraging Natalie, his daughter, to swim more than 200 yards.

So congratulations to Nicki and Mandy for putting together three teams and to the small army of unsung volunteers who marshalled, MC’d, collated, baked and generally made it a wonderful morning. For those of you down at 9ish tomorrow, I have more cookies!

Ape – 2000 yards, Mrs Ape 600 yards, 8.5 degrees C. (plus a few racing widths)


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