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19/03/2012 by Carl Reynolds

Jonathan enjoys the rays

A beautiful day. Frost overnight chilled my hands on the away over, but 30 minutes standing around and chatting warmed me up. Gail and Nicky talked about strikes and pensions, Peter the Rev eschewed the sauna after his 35 minutes in, a decision he seemed to be regretting on the way out. Nando arrived, Elizabeth and Alex hard on his heels. Another meeting of the bloggers. Another round of photos.

Michael and Nuala got out before we got in, as did Alex; Nando and I engaged in endless chit, chit, chatter. Then in and off. Felt colder today. The deep end thermometer reading 8 degrees C, the sun not quite covering the deep end. It may only be March, but I think the suncream will need to come out soon, as I’ve already got a clear border between back and bottom. I felt cold at one kilometre, saw Sue R, Nick and Chris come and go, colder at two and the last six hundred yards to 3km accompanied a steady decline in stroke. Almost an hour bang on. Not sure that I’m looking forward to my two hours at 10 target.

Then some warming up and fresh coffee thanks to Sue B and cookies all round with Pip, Ian, Nando and Hilary. Wanted to stay longer, but a bed delivery was looming at home.

Ape – 3300 yards (3.02km) – 8 degrees C.


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