Rio – day six


04/04/2012 by Carl Reynolds

Another day in paradise. Getting acclimatised just as I’m about to leave. One of the simple delights of the beach are the food vendors. My favourite is the Globo cassava starch ring, a deep fried carbo delight. You can also get Kobe, with the requisite garlic or chilli sauce and empadas; a little representation of which Nando keeps around his neck at all times. Our hosts on Ipanema were the smallholder Samuel at his Barraca do Bangu, an obscure football team. He’ll set you up a sunshade and seats and ply you with beers and soft drinks to your heart’s or belly’s content. And when you settle up at the end, you realise what a bargain you’ve had. He looks after you bag while you swim round the headland, bodysurf or meander along the coast behind the surfer’s line, and greet you each day with “Como vai?”.

Then to Marcia’s, a friend of Nando’s, for a cold shower and a dog show; before heading off for an abortive attempt to buy sangu – local swim wear that’s slightly bigger than budgie’s. We then accidentally met Benny for a huge 96 piece sushi barge before returning to Nando’s mountain retreat and a visit to a retired Brazilian ambassador, who had a very noisy collection of hammer frogs.





3 thoughts on “Rio – day six

  1. Martin says:

    All this indulgence can’t be good for your character building. You’ve been ordered back to the Lido HQ for a dressing down. Over and out. Martin.

  2. Peter Ratcliff says:

    I’m still waiting to hear how you did in the race. I have read your blog quite carefully but only read that Ann came fifth and that you had not heard your result although you set off late and just kept overtaking people ! Does this mean that you won? Or are you just haveing so much fun that you have given up caring whether you won or not? I thought you were going out very seriously to take part in this important race but it seems that you are just eating too much. I agree with Martin that you should get back here ASAP for a good dressing down at Lido HQ!

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