return of the ape


13/04/2012 by Carl Reynolds


Mrs Ape reaches out

Saw a physio this morning and he concluded strain, and that I was too tight in all my shoulder groups. So I’ve booked in for more manipulation. In the meantime he says I can swim, but must take it easy and restrict myself to 30 minutes each time. On one hand I am relieved that it is just strain, but on the other hand am frustrated that my training plan is now set back somewhat. I’ll also be referring to the theraband advice posted by lone swimmer the other day – very serendipitous – thanks for that Donal.

Ape – 1800 yards, Mrs Ape – 1200 yards, 9 degrees C

5 thoughts on “return of the ape

  1. John Rigby says:

    Swimming without Stress (alexander technique) is worth a look.

    • John – thanks for this. I re-learnt crawl a few years ago with a tutor who used a blend of Total Immersion and Art of Swimming techniques, the latter of which I know Ian and Cheryl at SWS use. I’m booked in for some stroke analysis next week with SwimCanaryWharf – a recommendation from some others. Basically I think my stroke is pretty sound (having done quite a few over two hours swims in the last four years), but needs some adjustment. And I probably need to do some additional stretching – hence the theraband work.

  2. Take your time. There is no rushing rehab.
    I dislocated my left shoulder a couple of years ago (out for >5 hours) – explained to the consultant what I did for a living, and how I needed to get it back as good as it was.
    The Theraband exercises were done religiously – little and often, getting back the flexibility & strength. I’m so glad I did, because it is no 99.99% – with a very very occasional little niggle if I’ve slept on it awkwardly.
    Best of luck with the rehab. Work at it. Don’t rush it.

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