another sunny day(s)


16/04/2012 by Carl Reynolds

Monday – Waited for the schools to fill up before we left, knowing that we’d meet the unemployed, freelancers and retired down the lido; and sure enough bumped into the usual crowd of Nando, Pip, Ian, Bertie, Chris, Sue, Jason, Liz…and more (my memory is hazy). Kate’s latest cake received a round of applause from the assorted aficionados, and we took the precaution of cutting two slices for ourselves for the post swim coffee. Mrs Ape upped her tempo and got her 1200 yards in a length or so before I finished my 1800 yards (I’m still on limited lengths due to ongoing physiotherapy). Pip and Nando tried vainly to keep up with my leisurely pace and I inadvertently insulted Bertie by suggesting that he needed some coaching on his stroke. The water temperature has fallen again to below 10 degrees C and felt very fresh. Meanwhile the new clock looms large at the end of the pool and work continues on the members coffee shack. All is well.

Ape – 1800 yards, Mrs Ape – 1200 yards. 9.5 degrees C.

Sunday – Lie in after a late Saturday night. Arrived post races, but pre-clock unveiling. Mrs Ape had macaroons. I learnt the rules of pat ball and got thrashed twice by Vince, Martin and Jonathan and did a paltry 1200 yards. Mrs Ape did less. We finally left many frivolous, philosophical and sociological conversations later.

Ape – 1200 yards, Mrs Ape – 600 yards, 10 degrees C.


7 thoughts on “another sunny day(s)

  1. Inez shrieked like i was attacking her the last time I tried to take her photo, so well done on that one.

  2. Nando Cuca says:

    I love your powers of summation. If you were describing the sinking of the Titanic you’d probably only say something like: “Departed from Southampton, lots of drinks and tea with the other passengers, there was some problem with ice and overcrowding on the lifeboats but at least a few hundred of us seemed to complete the journey without getting wet”.

  3. Nicky says:

    What’s the Ape opinion on the new clock?

  4. martin says:

    Kate, the macaroons were fantastic!
    Martin & Natalija (still licking fingers)

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