carl, cookies and clouds


17/04/2012 by Carl Reynolds

Sunshine on a rainy day. Late to meet Big C (what a role reversal!), but cookies in hand. Just one swimmer in the pool on arrival (Big C) and no one signed in for the last hour. Rain keeping people away no doubt. Dropped cookies with Anthony and Karen (lifeguards) on the way in and gave Big C a pair of Aquasphere K180 googles. They are a new model, but are of the eye socket type, so uncomfortable for me, but right up Big C’s strada. He loved them. A quick chat with Adam and a passing chit with Nick and Bertie on their way out.

Feeling tender, so contented myself with 1000 yards and lots of water supported stretching, whilst Mrs Ape clocked up another km; happy that she’s now a couple of minutes below 30 for 1200 yards. Then out and into a deserted sauna…so continental style, before a quick coffee and off.

Ape – 100o yards, Mrs Ape – 1200 yards. 9 degrees C.


4 thoughts on “carl, cookies and clouds

  1. Nice pictures and nice cookies. I had a virtually solo swim today as well, a bit of rain and everyone’s afraid of getting wet!

    • We didn’t turn up til 10.30 and were the first to sign in on the 2nd column. By this time we’re usually on the second side. It was lovely to have the sauna to ourselves too. Finding it hard to comment on QDip, but wanted to say that the first dive picture is the better one. The second is more cliched imho; and that particular frame has often been taken.

  2. I guess you must be a near neighbour, so it’s nice to have you making recipes from Dan Lepard’s Short & Sweet – I’m ashamed to say that in all the time I’ve lived here, I’ve never been to the T.Bec Lido!
    Best wishes,
    David Whitehouse
    Editor, Short & Sweet

    • David – we’re over in Catford, but use the lido regularly. It’s a tradition for cold water swimmers to binge on carbs post swimming and what better way than cakes or biscuits. My wife, Kate (aka Mrs Ape) is the main provider and people flock around us when we arrive to see what goodies she has brought. Dan’s book is an inspiration, so thanks for that. Come down on a Sunday morning to meet the crowd sometime. It’s open to the public from 19 May and the club members have races every Sunday morning at 9am in the public season.

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