sizzle season over


29/04/2012 by Carl Reynolds

the back way in

The sauna closes today. For a long while. People will miss it. Last year the water was well into double figures. Today it was below 10 degrees C. And for the nth day in a row, it was raining. Hard. Pools of pink were surrounding trees on the way over, heralding the natural marriage of wind, water and gravity. The birds, sparrows in particular, are having a feeding frenzy. Bugs out, snails chomping, birds feasting. And everything is so lush. Except my goddamn shoulder. Aching, aching, aching. Not sharp, but dull and persistent. The change in stroke has made some difference. I’m swimming slower, and with less effort (except the mental one of remembering what I’ve learnt) and the time is the same. So that’s good. That’s encouraging. But it still aches. Another series of physio appointments are booked in, but I feel more impatient that I have in the past. I know this is because I am going to swimdeathcamp in five weeks time, but I do not have to swim everyday and in all Ned’s ways. I can remember that I don’t have to be maniacal until 2014. I can watch, assist, affirm and comfort – both myself and others.

Meanwhile Mrs Ape’s cakes are going down well, Shane did an amazing ten miles yesterday (176 lengths), Pip won the sprints, we all came in the back way, Stephanie’s still cracking out length after length, the Aussie bloke is still swimming consistent 75 second lengths for mile after mile (how?), Nicky’s as chatty as ever, Doreen would rather someone else did the membership cards and the cafe is a very crowded place on a Sunday morning.

Ape – Saturday 1200 yards, Sunday 1800 yards. Mrs Ape – Saturday 1200 yards, Sunday 1000 yards. 9.5 degrees C.

4 thoughts on “sizzle season over

  1. Alex says:

    Those marathon swimmers are amazing, I didn’t manage more than 30 lengths in a single swim and the distance will be going down now the sauna is off. Who is the Australian bloke? I pictured a really speedy guy the other day who I didn’t know, I wonder if that’s him? Sorry to miss out on the cake despite your efforts to save some for me.

  2. Peter Ra says:

    Bad News: I popped into Lidl today and they are selling “shortie” wetsuits for next to nothing. I hope it will not lead to an invasion of “suits” at the lido. But then again Carl, without the sauna, might you be tempted? Did you get in today? I have been taking later swims when it is a bit quieter and was up to 2200 yards today. Hope to see you soon to catch up on your musings . . . Peter Ra the Vic

    • Peter – I’ll not be tempted by the rubbery devils. I’ve been swimming less, as I am still aching and under advice to take it easy. But I have had a lesson to improve my stroke and am having regular physio massages on my back; and I have to pull this stretchy thing about. All good fun whilst I am underemployed. Look forward to seeing you again.

      • Peter Ra says:

        Sorry I keep missing you but I have got into the late swim routine again, arriving just in time to do a mile then rush back home for a late lunch.

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