a day out in Sussex


28/05/2012 by Carl Reynolds

Pell’s Pool (pic from their website)

Readers may have wondered where I have been. I have been swimming, but not blogging. Not wanting to bore you with tedious repetitions of “my shoulder hurts, I seeing a physio, it’s only getting better slowly”, I have mostly desisted from blogging. Today is different. Thanks to the wonderful introduction from Jenny Landreth, Mrs Ape and I took a day trip to Pell’s Pool in Lewes, with Tricky and Alison.

It’s 50 yards long, fed by a spring apparently, is waist deep at one end and around 6′ at the other. The sides curve and the water is milky – either from the spring or the accumulated sloughing of suncream over the last few days? You can see the end of your arm, but not someone swimming ahead of you, until you’re about to touch their toes. But unlike Dover Harbour, which has a similar visibility issue, you don’t emerge with a patina of muck and a temporary moustache. The water is heated by the sun and today was, by my reckoning, nudging 20 degrees C…several days full on sunshine, relative shallowness and a concrete lining accounting for this methinks. It’s £4 in, that’s two less than Tooting Bec Lido.

I was told it was built around 1860, so it’s a real grandaddy of lidos, and there’s a lovely flint and brick wall along one side. The other buildings are 1950s or 60s red brick and the cafe serves teas (but not Earl Grey), instant coffee, chocolates and ice creams. The staff are very friendly, but seemed bemused when I suggested that they might invest in a box of Earl Grey teabags; after said friendly staff had said, “Lots of people ask for Earl Grey tea”.

The cafe also does home made meat or veg pasta dishes, which we didn’t taste, but we did buy some savoury muffins from a woman who fetches up with food from her organic cafe around lunchtimes. She said she’d also be bringing pizza later, but she’d forgotten it.

Tricky calculated that you needed to do 36 lengths for a mile (so twice TBL); and he swam these in a well proportioned roped off lane. Well proportioned in the sense that you could have two people overtaking in each direction if necessary.

All in all a lovely day out. Lewes itself is a great town with a castle, loads of quirky shops and many, many pubs.


One thought on “a day out in Sussex

  1. LoneSwimmer says:

    Sometimes blogging is tougher than swimming.

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