20/06/2012 by Carl Reynolds

Taking it gently in Ireland has paid off. Almost without pain now and swam a lovely 3000 yards this afternoon in the sunshine. Despite the sun, there were only a handful of people in the lido and another 100 or so around the edges. Met Jenny before I got in and she told me all about her swim holiday with Mike Johnson. You can read about it here, and check Mike’s pages out here. Stuart agreed to tune her piano and after swimming I had one of those six degrees of separation moments, when Liz told me that she’d had a friend of mine round for dinner the other night. I wish I’d brought something to eat though. Back tomorrow to up the distance in readiness for my Henley Classic swim early Sunday morning, and a 10k sea swim in Brighton on 6th July.

One thought on “recovery

  1. Peter "Ra" says:

    wow carl, I just had to look up your “6 degrees of separation” link. I remember a trip in southern Ireland when I was a lad ( which I still am, just an older one). I ended up travelling around with an eccentric retired speech and drama teacher from Dublin and very entertaining it was, but that’s another story. I was impressed at who she knew and my conclusion was that she shared mutual friends with everyone we met! Is that only 1 degrees of separation? No doubt in the swimming world there are not too many degrees of separation either. It has been great getting to know some of you this year.

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