the return of three border tri Nadine


21/06/2012 by Carl Reynolds

Back from her adventures in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, healthier and wiser, Nadine was down the lido this morning with Nando. I did a length with them (and a few on my own), and then we chatted. And chatted. And chatted some more. Such are the demands of a swimmers life.

Being cloudy the lido was pretty empty. No mummies with ankle biters queuing up by the paddling pool, or freelancers sunning themselves and posing in their designer sunglasses. It was like the winter season days; members milling around making tea and toast, playing handball (thanks Jonathan and Alfonso) and…chatting.

Nadine’s trip is pretty special. Read all about it on the Nadine Horn: Three Border Triathlon blog. Oh and give her some dosh, if you’ve any to spare.

2 thoughts on “the return of three border tri Nadine

  1. Nads says:

    Thanks Mr. Ape :) It was great to see u. It was good to bounce back some stories and become even wiser. I wish u all the best with ur channel preparations and hope that soon I catch up with ur speed in the pool :) happy sumer

  2. […] Two days ago I went to London to get my laptop and shift some of my boxes that I have in London. (I see it as a base). It was great to take part in the midsummer  relay swim (one team, four people, everyone doing 1 lane a 100yards) at the tooting bec lido – although I have to say that I am not yet physically recovered and it was exhausting may be I more set for endurance now … It felt good to start talking with Nando and Mr.Ape (alias Carl) about what happened and to digest / learn from it. I got a nice plugin on Mr.Ape’s blog. […]

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